Here’s a sneak peek into behind the scenes here at

Part of my power Hour (5 minute block)
I shot this video at
6:15 pm while nursing.

I don’t always work during our nursing sessions, but it’s nap time!

I hop on Facebook.
Do a 5 minute block

Check messages
Respond to messages.

Comment on posts
Like posts

This is attraction marketing
This is prospecting.
This gets people to see me.
I’m out there.
My face gets out there.

They know who I am because I am present and active.

You want to be interacting with people who you are prospecting!

(People) You are wanting to add to your newsletter.

(People) You are wanting to introduce to your product or opportunity.

This goes back to you need to have an avatar.

You need to know who your market is.

You need to know what these people look like so when you see them, you know!


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