The simplest way to explain affiliate marketing is that it is a method of making money online where you as a publisher are compensated for helping a business by promoting their product, service, or site.

Basically, you as a publisher earn a commission when someone follows a link on your blog to another site where they then buy something.

Commissions are often a percentage of a sale but can also be a fixed amount per conversion or sale.

Affiliate marketing seems to work best when there’s a relationship with trust between the publisher and their readers.

Most people who try it make very little as it relies upon a lot factors including:

technical skills to start and manage a blog

traffic (high traffic helps a lot)

having readers who are in a ‘buying mood’

finding relevant products

finding quality products

building trust with your readers

being able to write good sales copy (and more)

There’s also some risk associated with affiliate marketing. If you push too hard or promote products of a low quality, you can burn readers and hurt your reputation and brand. No one wants to be pitched to all the time. Be careful when deciding what you want to present to your market. An over-saturated audience will lose interest.

sources sited Problogger


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