I love the day after thanksgiving.

I’ve had left over fruit salad with greek yogurt, a pepperoncini roll, and a slice of pumpkin pie.

The kids are about to nosh on turkey sandwiches and the rest of the veggie tray from yesterday.

I’m a basic white girl. Lol according to 14 year old girls on snapchat. (a.k.a. my daughter)

My idea of a good black Friday is jammies all day!!

I am embracing this moment of peace <3

Headphones on, working on my business,

Adam is napping with Tavia who is 8 months old today.

This is our life.

It's beautiful.

It's exactly what I want it to be.

We are loved. We are together.

My oldest daughter pretends she doesn't miss us, that she's too cool for family… and i'm okay with that.. because it's just a stage.,

She won't feel that way for very many more holidays.

I want to put the real me out there.

This business Balancedmom.life is ME!

I am a mommy blogger, an internet marketer, and a coach.

First and foremost.. I am a mommy.

and i love it..

This is me, balancing my children's needs with that of my own.

Balancing my relationships with my finances..

Balanced Mom Life is a community for network marketing moms who want freedom!

The kind of freedom that comes with a successful business.

I specialize in helping you getting more leads and sales.

My black Friday special:

Don't have a business yet?

Jump in today for $149 and you'll get 6 months free access to my Balanced Business Coaching group, AND FREE SYSTEMS SET UP!

The systems set up is a value of $300. I will be charging $300 to set up a website linked to an autoresponder with a working funnel and lead magnet.

We'll get you branded and OPEN!


Are you looking to make this business of yours turn into something more than just an idea? Are you sick of EVERYONE around you ranking up and showing off their check from the company while you scramble for just one single sale?

Jump in today for $149 and you'll get free access to Balanced Business Coaching for 6 months and (6) 30 minute one on ones where I teach you how to generate leads and sales in your business!

Getting your "store" set up is the hardest part of the process.

Once that's done and your "machine" is producing, we get to focus on SCALING!

We're going to be getting better and better everyday!

There it is folks.

My name is Sarah. I've been an internet marketer since August 2012.

Stop telling yourself you can't and start figuring out HOW!

oop, babies nap is over <3 gtg, you know where to find me.


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