Breaking down the weekly method of operation of a SUCCESSFUL Online Marketing Mama is like the golden ticket to the chocolate factory.

(Super exclusive behind-the-scenes view of AMAZING!)

Take a look around, try it on for size.

Decide if you want to start a chocolate factory of your own.

Me, I am here to connect with motivated women who are aching to change their lives and that of their families by transforming themselves. Women who are just DONE accepting broke as a lifestyle. For me, it was all i’d ever known. Dreamscaping changed my life… Thank you Mark Hoverson.

But this blog post is about my weekly method of operation…. I run 2 businesses. #1 I am a coach. For a monthly fee, I offer one on one sessions as well as support and training via a FB group. #2 I am an online marketer. I sell my own digital products as well as affiliate products and services. (Most of my coaching clients have bought a product from me 🙂 )

Basically, my business is connecting my target audience (who are versions of myself) with the resources I’ve used to transform my life.

I wrote a post called “If I only have an hour a day”

A good friend pointed out that while simple and straight forward to me, my business ritual may be overwhelming to someone new to the field.

So I wanted to take the time over the next week to break down my routine.

You should be able to do these tasks quickly even if they are uncomfortable.

Remember that growth happens outside of our comfort zones.

My action items are on a google spreadsheet so I can easily track my progress and keep myself accountable.

Google is my best friend in business.

Actions I take on a weekly basis for my business are:

Weekly Method of Operation

Connect with 5-10 new people
Follow up with 5-10 people
Add 5-10 people to my newsletter
Invite 5-10 people to view a presentation
Create content to post to my social media platforms, send to my list, and post to my blog
Post 3-5 times on my social media (I’m using FB & Instagram)
3 times a week, I publish a new Blog post
3 times a week, I email my list
Post 10-20 ads in FB groups
Personal Development! I listen to a morning wake up call Mon-Fri. I am always reading a book. Currently, it’s “You are a badass” by Jen Sincero.

Training! I am always improving my skills. Right now I am working on a course by my Mentor Diane Hochman called Twist my List. I’m going through it as well as hitting a few live training webinars weekly

So get ready for a 10 part series: Breaking down my W.M.O.


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