The reality of Mom life is we are doing WAY too much! Being constantly busy creates a level of stress in our lives.  If you’re like me, you have a never ending to do list. You can’t ever really relax because you should be cleaning, cooking, working, or spending quality time with your family. There never seems to be time for YOURSELF! Busy moms make the world go round, but we have to use our resources. We can have it all, but we cannot do it all. The solution? Outsourcing!

What you do as a MOM!

  1. Taking a shower
  2. Getting dressed
  3. fixing your hair
  4. putting on makeup
  5. breakfast
  6. lunch
  7. dinner
  8. cleaning up after each mean
  9. getting kids ready
  10. taking kids to school
  11. picking up the kids from school
  12. shopping for groceries
  13. putting away groceries
  14. sorting laundry
  15. washing and drying laundry
  16. putting away laundry
  17. exercising
  18. planning events: birthdays, holidays
  19. shopping for those events
  20. Planning Vacations
  21. booking travel and accommodations
  22. making sure animals go out several times a day
  23. Making sure animals are fed and watered
  24. scheduling vet care and other animal appointments
  25. cleaning up after pets
  26. phone calls with family and friends
  27. spending time with family and friends
  28. taking care of the home maintenance or scheduling of
  29. making beds
  30. car maintenance
  31. organizing your home
  32. taking care of your plants
  33. paying bills
  34. balancing your checkbook



What do you do for your business?

  1. write down your goals
  2. review your goals
  3. daily to do list
  4. check your email
  5. respond to email
  6. sort through your inbox
  7. scheduling prospecting calls
  8. scheduling 3-way calls
  9. checking in with your team
  10. Checking in with your students/ customers
  11. returning phone calls
  12. creating power point presentations
  13. updating software, apps
  14. organizing your desk
  15. upload files to dropbox
  16. filing paperwork/notes
  17. checking your notifications
  18. brainstorming content ideas
  19. creating videos
  20. editing videos
  21. going through training courses and taking notes
  22. organizing those notes and filing them accordingly
  23. listening to podcasts and other personal development
  24. scheduling time to implement what you learned
  25. checking in with your accountability partner
  26. creating FB ads
  27. checking in on your FB ads to see how they’re performing
  28. going over your business plan
  29. prospecting
  30. following up with prospects
  31. completing homework related to your training programs/masterminds
  32. checking in with your virtual staff
  33. brainstorm content ideas for social media accounts
  34. creating inspirational quotes creating status updates


What you can outsource

  1. Graphics
  2. blog set-up
  3. blog or website fixes
  4. post or article writing for your blog
  5. transcription
  6. copy writing
  7. funnels/capture pages
  8. online research
  9. video editing
  10. SEO
  11. bookkeeping
  12. email marketing
  13. email inbox
  14. business manager
  15. social media manager
    1. Posting on FB
    2. Taking your blog posts/videos and comping up with tweets
    3. posting on IG
    4. Managing your pinterest
    5. managing your YouTube
  16. Personal assistant (local)
  17. Advertising
  18. Clean your home
  19. walk your dogs
  20. scheduling travel/ book travel
  21. shop for your groceries

What Sherri Brown is outsourcing

  1. blog commenting
  2. typing up blog drafts
  3. blog graphics, banner for blog, sidebar images
  4. drop box organizing
  5. social media inspirational quote graphics
  6. Ebook graphics
  7. any other graphics (fan page, ads)
  8. Video editing
  9. sharing into FB groups
  10. Tech issues on site
  11. house cleaning
  12. logos
  13. copy
  14. capture pages
  15. tech issues on computer (remote access)

Before you outsource


Make a list of everything you’re doing daily (whether business or personal)

Then make 3 more lists

  • List the things you hate doing
  • Make a List all the things you can’t do
  • List all the things you shouldn’t do

Take each task and do another brainstorm of everything that goes into doing that one task in the order you do it (this will become your workflow & new hire training) Once you have a clear vision of your workflow, outsourcing simply becomes an act of delegating tasks that do not need your personal touch.

Once you’ve made all those lists and you’ve thought about what you want to create systems for, start creating screenflows (screen recordings) of you doing each task!!

You will use this to train your VA later

You are doing each task anyways so get into the habit of recording yourself doing everything and actually talking your way through it.

Why you picked that certain font over the others

what colors you like and don’t like

how you usually talk , words you don’t use etc

You can’t expect others to know what you’re thinking so talk them through WHY you do the things the way you do.

When is outsourcing right for your business?

From those lists, thank about the areas that you need to create systems for

this is a list of instructions

  • for example:
  • I do a FB live
  • download that video onto my computer
  • then upload the video to folder in dropbox
  • ny va the





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