Set the pace

Keep the pace                                                      

Sarah’s work schedule!!

An hour a day

90 day to 5 k

The power hour is my “area of opportunity” right now.

So to remedy that, I’m going to reward my efforts!!

First to define the parameters.

A power hour consists of

Adding 3 new friends to my network

Messaging 3 new people

Following up with 3 people

Inviting 3 people to try my product or biz op!! (shakeology, challenge pack, MLSP)

Inviting 3 people to join my free challenge.

3 new leads on my list

So i’m talking to a minimum of 20 people a day.


Defining as I go.

Establish rapport.. Then they become a customer, a team member, or a loyal supporter

Talking to a new person will gain me a new friend which will gain me a new lead to add to either my biz op mailing list or my mommy mailing list.

“Do you want my checklist for my 90 day to 5k challenge?”

It’s amazing to have goals!

It’s awesome! It makes you successful.

But a goal without actions behind it doesn’t exist!

If you want to get somewhere, you’ve got put in some effort.

Some focused effort.

I’m committing! I’m committing hard.

If I valued my grades in school, which i did, then I can grade my performance NOW as a leader!

I want to inspire others, first my children then other moms so they can inspire their children.

I want to inspire them to a more balanced, happier lifestyle.

I want to be branded as <3

It’s not about fancy cars, trips to Paris, or million dollar homes.

It’s about quality of life, a healthy body, and a happy mind. Shared experiences and meaningful relationships.

It’s not about the money, it’s about the quality of life that income allows you to lead!

You’ve got to do the thing that is hard to live your dreams!

It is HARD for me to start conversations that lead to sales!

So my action to become a MASTER at this is to start messaging 20 people a day for 90 days.


Eeh like i have a very physical reaction to that!

I’m anxious, i’m scared. I feel overwhelmed all of a sudden.

Suddenly, I no longer feel motivated.

That’s fear. Fear is taking over and trying to stop me from doing what needs to be done to achieve what it is that I want to achieve.

What needs to be done is ME contacting 20 people per day. NOW

NOW that I have acknowledged this, I have NO excuse.

I will make a sale or I am a quitter! I am lazy. I’m not willing to DO the work~ it is time sarah, to do the work.

What is my “reward’ for 90 days of WORK?  

Back to school $$ = feeling like I am taking care of my family!

PRIDE! = more growth.

I can sell beachbody challenge packs equaling $50 commission up front $30 residual or Mlsp membership $100 commission.

Either of the above are recurring as long as I offer good customer service.

So by August i want to be earning $400 a week.

I want to have earned 5k by the end of summer.

June   5 weeks

July    4 weeks

August 5 weeks but i want to have it done in 3 so we have to for back to school shopping.

So 12 weeks equals like $416 a week to make 5 k by August 20th


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