Mommy Marketing

Ya know the ads about laundry detergent…  Mini vans that are cool, summer shopping deals…. The best floor cleaner..The greatest fucking spot remover.



Yes, I’m a Mom. I have been a Mom since I was 16 years old.

I’m 35 now.

Of course, it’s important that my children eat nutritious food and live in a clean, happy home. I think it’s a basic human RIGHT (as a child) to be fed, loved, clothed, housed, taught… etc

But that’s BASIC!

We have a higher standard in our house that includes manners, appropriate use of humor, even education and inspiration! 


BUT that’s still pretty simple stuff…


As a Mom, I care about our environment as a WHOLE meaning on a global scale! So we are involved in a beach clean up charity and volunteer frequently. We also donate to a children’s hospital and an end children’s hunger organization. This supports my beliefs that children have the RIGHT to be fed, loved, clothed, housed, taught… etc

As my business grows, we look forward to supporting our charities in a more hands on fashion. 


When you think about the pyramid of basic human needs… food and shelter are basic things..

maslows pyramid


How far up on the pyramid are you as a mom functioning? This question is why I hate Mommy Marketing. You see, I think about things like morality and my desire to be creative is realized on a daily basis! Why isn’t more marketing geared toward Moms about things like THAT!!!???

Do you get to have conversations about abstract ideas and ART!?

Or are you stuck discussing diapers, bills, the food budget, the broken down car, the past due mortgage?

If you are sick of feeling like a “lesser human” because you are a caregiver right now..

Maybe you’ll enjoy internet marketing as much as I do.


Maybe you’ll find the whole world opens up and suddenly you get to tap into the MEGA LOAD and you never feel aimless again.. You’ll never suffer another monotonous chore, or mindless article on “how to keep a clean home while making spending time with your kids a priority AND having an ultra successful super gratifying high paying career!!”””

That’s bull shit and we all know it.


Balance in this day and age is about outsourcing…. 

It’s about time management and prioritizing. 

Delegating.. Working as a team.



One must first create the space in your life 

To learn something new…

Which will lead you To DO SOMETHING NEW!


But first You’ve got to be willing to find some space for YOU … Mom. 


To stop being a Mom for a moment… and remember what it felt like to be a Passionate Woman!


To get beyond swiffering the floor, organizing the kids toys for the 19th time, and walking the dog?

I’d like to invite you to join us in the Power Moms Online Community for Summer School.

It starts today. 15 lessons.

Monday thru Friday. One Lesson A Day.

3 weeks.. An hour a day.





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